1 Executive Summary

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2 Purpose

This is basically just a demo of how to deal with a few issues with making R Markdown files comply with corporate styling - fonts, logo, heading sizes and colours, etc. The source code of the mini-project that builds this file is on GitHub. There is also an accompanying blog post on Peter’s Stats Stuff.

The features include:

  • logo in the top right of the document, and modify the title’s width to allow for it
  • heading styles and fonts in the html
  • fonts and corporate colours used in the graphics
  • document builds successfully even if the project is on a mapped network drive which usually causes problems with RStudio Server and Pandoc

3 Analysis

3.1 Data

We found this data from MBIE’s website. MBIE is the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. This dataset represents estimated spend per month by tourists, broken down by product and country of origin.

3.2 Findings

3.2.1 Raw data

We see a very strong seasonal pattern, and also that people spend a lot on accommodation, food and beverage, and retail.